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Using the Van/Pickup existing engine and a hydraulic power to boost water pressure is the ultimate compact solution for fast firefighting engagements

Package specs:

Hydraulic pump: – Side connection - HighSpeed
LS 0 valve (on the pump)
Hydraulic pump
Hydraulic tank, fully equipped, 36l
Hydraulic oil cooler, 5 kW, 12V
HPW200 bar water pump
HPW Fire Fighting Pistol Kit
Consists of a pistol handle with quick coupling on the discharge side
Three different lance types to go on the pistol on demand in the field:
                         Straight water jet               1 pcs
                         Water Fog lance (area protection, self protection)      1 pcs
                         Foam lance   1 pcs
                         Wall piercing lance       2 pcs (to extinguish a fire before opening the door without bringing oxygen in)
                         An adjustable foaming agent injector on the inlet of the pump and suction hose
Water Pressure hose 20 m  
Hose Reel 20 m spring loaded

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