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The Dynaset HGV has proven to be an economic equipment, especially in the maritime industry. HGV is a fully hydraulic variable speed generator with pump, oil tank, valve, cooler and generator to add power to generate power to any engine.


In general, powerful boats with a length of more than 10m have a high-power hydraulic circuit. The system is used for steering, maneuvering, winch, propulsion

and crane, which makes installation of Dynaset even easier.


With the high level of knowledge and information, hydraulic power can be converted simply into standard AC voltage, in welding power, compressed air, or washing capacity.

Space saving

The HGV system replaces Diesel generating sets by releasing engine room space in many ways. First, size and weight are significantly lower. Secondly, HGV does not require changing parts as often as traditional products do, so it does not require a front-end positioning for accessibility.

Reduced size and low weight

eliminates the need for solid anchoring.
An even greater differentiation is due not to the total volume of the equipment, the total installation space it requires, the space for heat dissipation, access for maintenance and noise control being absolutely non-existent for the Dynaset HGV.

All Dynaset generators are available in IP54 protection, in cases where equipment protection demands are high.

Cost reduction 

When the boat has an integrated hydraulic system or requires one, the HG Hydraulic Generator is the perfect solution! By adding this equipment, costs are significantly reduced, especially when compared to any other similar solution on the market.

Even more important than this is running costs. HGV systems are designed to reduce at least 2-4% of the direct cost of fuel. In addition, the operator is relieved of the frequent replacement of the oil filter or general overhaul every few years. The maintenance costs of the power source are included in the normal maintenance of the main engine.

 The very large craft engines are not designed to run at idle speeds and therefore the addition of standard AC power generating equipment normally reduces fuel consumption during engine idling.

All the electrical power that's needed

Hydraulic generators are available from 3.5 kVA to 100 kVA. They can be used strictly to illuminate a work light and to operate cooling

ice making equipment on a fishing vessel.

Hydraulic HWG models are also available for welding. This makes it easy to repair right in the middle of the sea. Welding machines produce both welding power and auxiliary electrical power for various tools. The sphere

voltage generated ranges between 180A and 400A.

 Direct Current (DC) Hydraulic Generators are available

base craft, using a 24V voltage to move. Technology is more and more common on such craft and the voltage consumption for radar and navigation systems, sonar and screens is on the rise. With high power chargers, the DC voltage demand is no longer a problem!

Other uses for Dynaset hydraulic drives

HGV systems allow the addition of auxiliary hydraulic connections to use
more hydraulically driven equipment.

Powerful sanding or sandblasting can now easily be done with the Dynaset HPW pump and the available accessories - lance, hose, nozzles, etc.

[Kit with Dynaset Hydraulic Generator - DYNASET onboard: energizing work on the ship]

With an additional WHU water heater, washing can be even more efficient and results are better than using chemical solutions!

The hydraulically actuated air compressor can be used for pneumatic equipment, cleaning, buoyancy buoys or penumatic
boats. In rescue boats or multipurpose boats, hydraulic compressors are preferred for fire extinguishing systems and flame-retardant foam.

Dynaset's hydraulic compressors release a lot of space once occupied by older generation equipment, offering craft staff, in addition to compressed air, extra space for movement.

Crawler dredgers or barges can use their hydraulic package in many other ways along with Dynaset equipment. For example, hydraulic hammers can even be used underwater simply by pressing the hammer housing. The excess pressure created inside the hammer prevents water infiltration and damage to its operating system.