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Fire Fighting kit

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HPW - Fire

The DYNASET HPW-FIRE High Pressure Firefighting System uses the mobile machine’s hydraulic system as power source. HPW-FIRE includes following equipment.

Firefighting Pistol Kit is made for all firefighting situations. They
producehigh pressure water that effectively extinguishes fire with optimal water consumption. Different nozzle heads are available for piercing, fogging and foaming.

FP Firefighting Piercing Kit enables firefighting team to pierce through windows and roofs to extinguish the fire before firefighters enter the room. With the FP the room temperature can be drastically lowered and the entrance for the firefighters made safer. FP is usually
installedonto a boom and it is remotely operated.

FM2 Flow Multiplier increases the water flow fromfire
hydrant. It can boost the water flow up to 600 l/min with 8 bar of pressure.

HPP Hydraulic
Low Pressure Fire Pump is available for all water pumping applications in firefighting. There are models producing water flow up to 1200 l/min with up to 42 bar of pressure.

HRU Hydraulic Rescue Unit is a compact hydraulic pressure booster to power the rescue
toolsat firefighting and rescue situations. Suitable for even smallest hydraulic systems. It boosts pressure up to 800 bar with up to 10 l/min of flow for one hydraulic tool. In addition two hydraulic tools can be used with 5 l/min flow for each tool.

HPI Hydraulic Power Intensifier boosts base machine’s hydraulic power for hydraulic tools or applications up to 700 bar and 30 l/min.

Foam injector is a powerful and adjustable foam injector for firefighting pistols. The foam content can be adjusted 0-6%.

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