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The iCerMax™ kidney system is designed for use on bulk tanks ranging from 50 to 83 000 liters. The system incorporates a 3 stage filter process including a water trap, on board spin on filter and depth synthetic filter. The use of this system ensures the removal of water and particles at multiple stages.

The design is aimed at the removal of free as well as suspended water. The units are designed for easy maintenance as well as incorporating a fully transparent bowl, so as to allow for fuel quality inspection. It can be fully customized on client request as the kidney systems are offered in mobile and bulk tanks.

Mobile tank systems are customized so as to be mounted to a mobile tank and provide both particle as well as water filtration that is portable with the fuel. The mobile tanks are equipped with water traps so as to allow for the easy observation of water drainage. Custom trailers and mobile bowsers are available to specification of client needs, whilst coming equipped with the mobile iCerMax™ kidney filtration system.

The smaller solar units are equipped with, GSM communications to alert for water pressure, tank level indicators as well as tracking of operating hours.

The unit comes with a programmable timer as well as a battery back up.

The unique Kidney system removes undesirable substances at multiple stages, even in low sulphur diesels, thus allowing the system to set a new market standard in water as well as particle filtration, which may be adapted to several forms and applications.