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from LDV, 4x4, forklifts, trucks and earth-moving equipment.
Unique Features:

  • ​Conceptualized, designed and manufactured in Africa for
    African conditions.

  • 3-in-1 Filter
    • Water Trap
    • On-board Spin-on Filter
    • Depth Synthetic Filter

Separates and removes water successfully - even in Low Sulphur Diesels
• Virtually totally constructed from "GRP"
• Full transparent bowl for fuel quality inspection
• High dirt holding capacity for extreme sub-micron efficiency
• Multiple mounting options
¡ Unique multiple flow direction using only two ports
¡ Prime pump head available
¡ Adaptor available for spin-on conversion compatible
with other dominant market heads
• Red floating ball to indicate presence of water in plastic bowl
• Self-venting water drain tap
• Compact with ease of cartridge change
• Multi-functional and COST EFFECTIVE
• Ported for various options
• Ideally designed for suction side applications however will accommodate pressure applications up to 2 bar.
• Environmentally friendly, reusable spin-on technology. Only internal cartridge replacement required, reducing environmental waste

Price: 6,500 EGP

Cartridge price 2 and 10 micron : 650 EGP