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Nasreya Engineering Services Co.

Mohamed Riad

Board Member - Sales Director

Company Managerial Structure 

Ahmed boridy

Board Member - Technical Director

We work to supply our customer with different solutions to support their operation and to help them to reduce their breakdown costs and time, we also provide alternative solutions to help our customer to maintain their running projects with reduced maintenance costs.

Nasreya Engineering Service co. established in 2015, 

Nasreya Engineering has been a pioneer in engineering solutions since the start, our continuous efforts to supply customers innovative solution has been our focus

We have been honored with ROVD Engineering Salt harvesters dealership from South Africa in 2016 which is the most innovative, productive and economical machine to produce salt.

We have been also honored to receive DYNASET dealership from Finland in 2016 for Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Algerie, their products have supported us in our customers' solution with their innovative hydraulic technology.


About Us

Tarek Elboridy